Subal ND850 for Nikon D850

Coming soon, pre-order now!

With the SUBAL ND850 for the Nikon D850,  SUBAL offers Nikon cameras an aluminum housing for the latest development of the compact full frame.

Maximum depth: 80 m (120 m on request)

Weight: Approx. 2 kg (without port and accessories)

Weight in water: nearly neutral (depending on the port and accessories)

Dome port and accessories shown on picture not included in housing scope of delivery!

  • ((incl. 20% UST)

  • 4.188,- €

  • Export price

  • 3.490,- €


Color Options

Adjust individually to the color of your housing.

120m Version

for undisturbed operations up to 120m depth. Stronger springs and other parts (Note: Higher press on push buttons)