Subal WS 45 degree viewfinder

The viewfinder is one of the most important elements for improving creativity in underwater imaging.

The eyepiece of the new WS45 viewfinder is at a comfortable 45° angle to the camera’s viewfinder.  With a magnification factor of 150%, the visible image is 2.5 times larger than the standard viewfinder. The WS45 also rotates 360° with click stops every 90°to suit different viewing angles and image orientation. This is especially helpful for macro shooting or for subjects on the seabed as well as those tricky under/over, half-and-half shots.

All SUBAL viewfinders are manufactured from sea-grade aluminum with an anodized casing. High-quality, multi-coated optical glass ensures the highest resolution and optimum light transmission.

A simple interchangeable system makes it possible for the user to fit, remove or change any of the SUBAL’s viewfinders whenever needed.

  • ((incl. 20% UST)

  • 1.308,- €

  • Export price

  • 1.090,- €