Our Principle

Quality that endures, quality that excites.

Anyone using a SUBAL housing can feel the passion and no-compromise commitment to quality we apply down to the smallest part. Our designers and production staff accept nothing but perfect adaptation to the respective camera models and only the best, immaculate materials pass our tough “handmade“ quality control. Less obvious at first glance are the many improved features embedded in the housings, innovations that have grown over decades of field and manufacturing experience. We believe only housings working hand in hand with the photographer deserve the “handmade“ moniker. SUBAL quality wins hands down every time!

Handmade with handling in mind:

These six simple words sum up the outstanding operational ease and superiority of a SUBAL underwater camera housing. After all SUBAL goes to great lengths to develop and implement innovative solutions that achieve maximum user friendliness. As a result access to the most used camera functions is made as easy and comfortable as possible. Applying the “hands-on” philosophy all the way to final quality assurance comes at great cost but to us that is a point of honour!

“Handmade” is our advantage:

Here at SUBAL we pride ourselves to regularly beat the competition at bringing out a custom housing for brand new camera models. Every single member of our staff contributes to achieving this lead in practical application with their personal passion and motivation. This emotional engagement is a defining feature at SUBAL. Obviously the application of the latest CAD/CAM technology throughout the entire manufacturing process is equally important in retaining pole position and pushing the possibilities beyond.

„Handmade“ is our guarantee:

Our staff invest a personal pledge to quality in every step of the manufacturing process.  They effect a matter of individual responsibility taken to achieve an outcome the entire team can be proud of!

“Handmade” is our reliability:

Literally handmade experience gained over more than five decades of development and production has crystallised into guiding principles for our work – and for our customers into the confidence that comes with supreme reliability. All are decisive advantages ensuring you to be in good hands with SUBAL.

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